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About the Book

Can it be that most members–faithful members of the Body of Christ are unaware of a dark and gathering menace within the realm of science and philosophy?  This unknown opposition is a concept called ‘transhumanism’, and its proponents have painted targets on the backs of our children and our grandchildren.

Derek and Sharon Gilbert have spent the past few years trying to warn the Bride, the Body of Christ, about this threat to our families, but the message must be spread by all of us. With that in mind, the Gilberts have signed with Defender Publishing to produce a primer on what is slowly becoming a covert religion–transhumanism and the transhumanist agenda.

Genesis 6 tells us that fallen angels once plotted to overthrow God’s plan on Earth by polluting the ‘seed’, the DNA of humankind.  Today, the plan has shifted to a new tack: convince mankind to do it himself.

Will your loved ones fall for this LIE? Be prepared to counter the LIES with TRUTH.

It is our hope that this book will add to your arsenal to do this very thing.  The Lord has said His people perish for lack of knowledge.  Seek answers. Seek wisdom. Seek His TRUTH—before it’s too late.