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New ‘phase-change’ devices can make computers 1,000 times faster


Computing platforms have been marching toward nano-scalability for some time now. Not only does smaller, more compact take up less space, but it also allows electrons to move more quickly and communicate information much more efficiently. PCMs not only hold the promise for molecule-sized chips, but will allow the information to be stored where it is created. Can you say Cylon, anyone? We knew you could. Here’s a quote from today’s article about the new PCM revolution. Oh, and one more thing. One type of PCM is bee’s wax. So, what do those bees know that we don’t? — SKG

First developed in the 1960s, ‘phase-change materials’ PCMs can switch between two types of structures to achieve very different electrical states. This means they can start off in a crystalline structure that conducts electricity and allows a current to flow freely through them, before switching to a glassy structure that acts as an insulator instead, stopping the electrical current in its tracks. These materials can achieve this switch between conductor to insulator in mere billionths of a second.

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