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Jupiter Ascending Trailer

The title of the movie, which is due for release on July 18th, 2014, echoes the persistent meme about Jupiter that we’ve seen lately, but the plot isn’t about the planet–but rather about a woman named Jupiter. This humble cleaning woman bears a DNA signature that makes her heir to ownership of Earth. Interesting, yes, but why post it here, you ask? Watch the trailer, and you’ll notice that the ‘angelic’ alien hero/soldier appears to unfurl mechanized ‘wings’ at the 1:16 minute mark. The film is produced by the team that brought us the Matrix trilogy, so the effects will undoubtedly be amazing. The plot is intriguing, centering on a cabal of intergalactic planet barons who own whole worlds. Lots of stuff here—it might be worth going to the theaters for this one.

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