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Why a Book about Transhumanism?

By Sharon K. Gilbert

Why do Derek and I spend some much time talking about transhumanism? If the term is new to you, then you are in the majority. Most who live outside the Internet World have never even heard the term.  But many who do spend hours a day online via social media, blogging, watching YouTube videos, or just chatting  are also in the dark when it comes to a term that is defining your future.  I remember many years ago speaking to a friend about the rise of a European conglomerate that would consolidate power in a few hands–that the EU was about to become a reality. This was in 1989, and the Berlin wall had only just crumbled. My friend laughed at my political naivete, saying European nations would never move beyond a ‘common market’. In 1993, he stopped laughing as his favorite pundits began talking about the new European Union.  I tell you this story not to recommend myself as a prophet—hardly! Instead, I use this illustration because the EU did not rise out of nothing; its history reaches as far back as the 1952 Treaty of Paris and 1958’s Treaty of Rome.  Even today, the EU is still struggling to rise to the status of a major power, but it is gaining strength, and having a new political enemy in a renegade Russia will only make it stronger. As with the rise of the European Union, transhumanism is about to break into world headlines.  Those with ‘eyes to see’ have been watching this philosophy garner strength and gather momentum.  Your children and grandchildren take it for granted, though they may not use the particular term, ‘transhumanism’.  Its roots reach far into our past–to our very beginnings as a species when God put Adam into a garden and gave him a choice.  Adam and Even chose to follow the subtle wiles of a serpentine being who convinced them that eating of the forbidden tree’s fruit would make them ‘better’; it would make elevate them to godhood. Transhumanism’s message echoes that of the serpent: We can be better. We can be ‘n the moment’ all the time and utilize all of our brain power. We can be stronger, faster, smarter. Many argue that man as a species has already begun the process of evolving into a new version of himself, that we are post-human now.  In fact, many within the transhumanism or H+ movement seek a bill of rights for this new man–a Magna Carta for Enhancement that transformists like Jamais Cascio calls a Magna Cortica.  This would be a declaration of rights of the mind regarding exo-cortical and intra-cortical cognitive enhancements for the ‘post-human’ individual.

Among these would be:

The Right to ‘Self-Knowledge’

The Right to Self-Modification and the Right to Reverse It

The Right to Modify  or NOT Modify Your Children

The  Right to Know Who is Modified

This list assumes you and I live in a world where modification is possible and accessible. Children born after the year 2000, the so-called ‘millennials’ have never known a world without constant connectivity. They live their lives online via cell phones, tablets, and now Google Glass and VR gaming.  Immersion is the goal of those who create Internet companies. And this interconnectome is growing. Trans-humans are rising up through chemical alteration, implantation, augmentation, and even religion (we’ll explore this more in the near future when we discuss Terasem and Mormon Transhumanism). The message is the same as the ancient lie spoken by a serpent.  “Ye shall be as gods.” Why should you care? Because it is a lie that the world will believe, and it paves the way for a seven year period of hell on Earth. Humanity Plus Self is Leads to Everlasting  Death. Humanity Plus Christ is Leads to Everlasting Life Which one will you choose?

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